How we get paid

How we get paid: From the outset Sweetland Associates Ltd arranges a preliminary meeting for the purpose of establishing whether we are able to assist your needs and objectives.

After the initial consultation, we will agree with you whether we are paid by a fee payable directly by you e.g. cheque or by means of a fee paid via any products we arrange. This latter method of payment is termed 'adviser charging'. A guideline to the fees we charge will be made available at the outset of our initial meeting.

For arranging life assurance or financial protection products, commission is paid by the product provider (life assurance company). The commission is included within the provider's normal product charges.

Fees may be subject to VAT and we will advise you whether or not this is the case.

Under current legislation commissions do not attract VAT.

Whether we take our remuneration by way of commission or fees, will be a matter of discussion between us, followed up with a written agreement, no charges for fees will be made without prior notification.

We are an independent financial advisor offering impartial advice tailored to your requirements. We are based in Newport and also cover Cardiff and Swansea.

Please note that as a result of regulatory changes commission is no longer payable for arranging pensions and investments.

A new method of paying for advice, called 'Adviser Charging' has been introduced, which means that advice can be paid for by a direct fee (e.g. cheque) or by an agreed deduction from the investment or pension product.

If you require more information in Newport, Cardiff and South Wales then please call us on 01633 246246 or use our contact form